Mission Statement

Cowboy Motorsports is a division of Oklahoma State University’s Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering department. Each year the team, composed of undergraduate students, sets out to design and build a 1/4-scale pulling tractor for an international collegiate competition sponsored by the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. The competition consists of a performance pull as well as design judging, a written report, and an oral presentation. The goal of the competition is for the team members to be able to utilize the intellectual tools gained in various classes and see those concepts develop in a real world application. In addition, the students also learn invaluable teamwork and communication skills as well as developing real world contacts, which could later prove valuable in their careers. 

The Team


Cowboy Motorsports is comprised mostly of students enrolled in the Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering Department at Oklahoma State University, but includes students from other departments. The broad nature of the competition provides valuable experience in numerous areas, including engineering design and fabrication, marketing, management and public relations. This allows students from almost any major to benefit from being a part of the Cowboy Motorsports team. The team’s goal is to design and build a quarter-scale size tractor with which to compete every summer in the international competition. Students are involved in the team purely as an extracurricular activity, in addition to the rigorous demands of daily classwork. 

One division of the team is known as the X-Team. The X-Team’s duty is to make 20% modifications to the previous year’s Senior Team tractor. A written report and oral presentation on those changes is also required. X-Team members also have the opportunity to work on the Senior Team tractor in order to gain experience from older members on the team. The second team is known as the A-Team and is comprised of both the senior members and new team members who work together to design the new quarter scale tractor. 

In recent years Cowboy Motorsports has taken a more active role within its parent society, the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE). We have also extended our community involvement, demonstrating the CMS tractor at a local Cub Scout pushmobile race, and conducting exhibition pulls with the Lawn and Garden Pullers Association. Motorsports has also collaborated with other student groups in community service ventures such as agriculture field day and partnering with ASABE to clean the outdoor classroom area of Sangre Elementary after heavy storms rendered it unsafe for children. CMS plans to continue this community involvement through hunt for hunger, angel tree and the CASNR christmas tree philanthropy. Cowboy Motorsports has also increased its participation within the College of Ag and hopes to continue this trend.